Sunday, August 6, 2017


After a year of not taking our kayaks off the wall in the basement, we finally went out for a morning paddle with the SCCL Canoe and Kayak Club last week.  It was great to be out on the water again!  We don't get out to paddle much, but we're excited about all the possibilities out there for us when we do decide to go.  So far we've paddled at a place called "Stumpy Pond" (a generally quiet - except when we were there - reservoir also known as Rocky Creek and Cedar Creek Reservoir, operated by Duke Power Company), Cane Creek Park in Waxhaw. NC, Chester State Park in Chester, SC, and the quiet (and just my speed) Bowers Lake (aka Lake B) at Sun City Carolina Lakes.  BTW, if you haven't tried out the kayak launch next to Grandparents' Park in SCCL, you really should!  It's the best darn launch I've ever seen!  (Not that I have that much experience with such things, but it's really awesome!)

As relative beginners, my husband and I prefer the quiet lakes and it's doubtful that we'll ever tackle anything more than that.  Quiet (and no wind) works for me!  That being said, I wanted to share this great article about places to paddle by Scott Jensen of  It lists what they call "Top 10 Places To Go Kayaking Around The Charlotte Region."  If you know of any other great kayaking locations in the area, please let me know.  Happy paddling!

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