Friday, September 1, 2017


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For folks looking for great locations for retirement, here are some links to articles that you might find of interest regarding taxes.  Some are SC specific, while others make comparisons to other states.  There's lots to consider when making your decision about where it would be financially beneficial to call home in your retirement,  including income taxes, sale, use and motor fuel taxes, estate tax, and gift tax.  As you contemplate this important decision, be sure to consult with your financial advisor. 
This report on the 10 best states for retirees was something I posted at my blog in December 2015.

This article was published by AARP in June of this year.

Here's some info from the SC Bar Association:

Here's some information from a group of financial folks at The Balance.  I am not familiar with this group, but their info on the best states for retiring is interesting.

No date on this posting, but it has good info regarding SC taxes.  Not familiar with this group, but they've been promoting the Carolinas since 1986.

This source has lots of great information for those considering the Carolinas.  Additional link through this source: 

Here's an older article I came across with some interesting information.  Like comps for houses, it should be more current, as a lot has changed since 2013 and they need to do an update.  B
ut the info is interesting, none the less.  Gives an idea of things to consider.

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