Sunday, January 20, 2019

SCCL Trail Improvements (??)

Below is information that was included in FSR's Friday Flash this past week.
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As an avid walker, I was really disappointed to learn that some of my favorite trails are being replaced with concrete.  I'm wondering why it's being done, who made the decision to do it, and at what cost.  Aside from the high cost of concrete, it also comes with maintenance issues, can be very hard on knees and other joints, and it's not aesthetically pleasing, especially when you want to get out and enjoy the beauty of nature. 

In search of some "concrete" information (Pun intended.), I contacted Peter Gertler of the SCCL Group of Informed Owners (GIO).  Here is Peter's reply:
There is inadequate drainage, hard rock, and slopes under some of the trails which causes the asphalt to heave and break. Estimated life with asphalt 3-5 years. Estimated life with concrete at least 10 years. The Board negotiated an agreement with Pulte wherein Pulte would contribute the cost of asphalt and the Association would pay the difference to install concrete on those trails.

When I asked if there was any opposition, here was his reply: 
No opposition, but then there was no real opportunity to comment.  The Board approved this in a private session sometime in the recent past. It is not more expensive because Pulte is fronting the base installation cost.  The only thing the Association is paying is the up cost for forms.  According to the report, the concrete will last 3 times longer than the asphalt.  
I walked the Fair View Trail today and, following last night's rain, there was debris on some parts and the sod was pretty soaked.  Some of the former vegetation (including grasses, bushes, small trees) along the "trail" (sidewalk) has been removed and, while it's nice, it's not the rustic trail it was before.  I'm sure once the grass and other vegetation is in place the current standing water will be better managed and the final look will be pleasant.  Just gonna miss the "trail" feel.  Sad that they'll be doing the same to the Hawk's View trail next. 

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