Monday, February 25, 2019

Short Closings Can Happen!

While we typically look at 30- to 45-day closings when there is a loan involved, it IS possible for a faster closing.  I am delighted to share that a recent offer by one of my clients closed in 19 days!  Not every lender can get you through the process that quickly, but with some it can be done.  The key to making it work is GETTING ALL REQUESTED DOCUMENTS TO THE LENDER AND CLOSING ATTORNEY IMMEDIATELY.  Any delay on your part will slow down the process.  Of course, there can be reasons that a Seller can't close that quickly, but that's a different topic.  When a home is vacant, Sellers are usually happy to get it closed quickly.    

Thank you to Melissa Messick, Senior Loan Officer at Movement Mortgage, for sharing the following information.  Please contact me if you would like a pdf copy.

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