Thursday, May 23, 2019

Heat Wave Hazard Issued For Charlotte Region Ahead Of Next Week’s Upper-Ridge Anomaly

 Article Courtesy of Charlotte Stories

A massive new weather pattern, called a ‘heat ridge’, will bring some of the highest temperatures Charlotte has ever seen in the month of May.
The phenomena is being caused by vertically stacked ridges of hot air which sink, compress, and heat up under pressure.

Yesterday, the National Weather Service sent out a hazardous temperature alert for the Southeast, warning our region of possible record-breaking high temperatures over the next 3-7 days.
“Upper-level ridging over the Southern Plains eastward to parts of the Southern Mid-Atlantic/Southeast and with maximum temperature anomalies in a range from +10 to +15 degree range will aid in producing an area of excessive heat over parts of the Southern Mid-Atlantic/Southeast into the Eastern Gulf Coast/Tennessee Valley Saturday into Wednesday.”

According to Weather Nation, weekend temperatures in Charlotte will be higher than Houston and Miami;

The upcoming heat wave could even break some records for our region.  The hottest May temperatures that Charlotte has ever seen was in 1941 when we saw 3 days where the temperature reached 98 degrees.
According to Weather Underground, next Tuesday’s high is predicted to be 96 degrees (the hottest May temperature we’ve experienced since 1953) – if actual temperatures climb just a couple of degrees higher, we’ll break the ’41 record;

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As a former desert dweller (having lived in Paradise Valley, Arizona for 38 years), I want to remind everyone to stay inside during the heat of the day. Walk your dogs early or late in the day. Always bring water for yourself and your pet... and drink it frequently! Avoid exertion and stay hydrated. Heatstroke can be DEADLY!

- Pook

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