Friday, May 22, 2015


I've spent the last week doing a lot of yard work... trimming our magnolia tree, removing dead and dying shrubs, removing pine straw and replacing it with hardwood mulch, and planting... lots of planting.  The problem with doing all that trimming and pine needle removal is that you can't put it in your trash can and be done.  Of course you can hire someone to haul away your yard waste (or do the whole landscaping job for that matter), but, being the do-it-yourselfers that we are, we chose to haul ours to the dump.  So, today my husband and I loaded up my car and went to "The Foxhole" with all our yard debris.  The Foxhole is a Mecklenburg County landfill located immediately north of the Walmart shopping center on 521, but, unless you actually know it's there,  you'd never know that there's landfill beyond the lovely entry sign and the meandering driveway lined with a pretty white fence. Once we entered the facility, we waited in line to pay our $8.50 fee (since we had more than a wheelbarrow size load) and then drove down to the yard waste area.  We emptied all of our bags and a rather humongous box and then had an interesting chat with the guy standing by with a bull dozer.  He told us about the compost and mulch that's made out of all the yard waste and about the other areas of the dump where construction and demolition waste go.  In addition to the "dump" areas, there's also a recycling center at the facility, so this place is definitely the place to go if you've got stuff to dispose of.  The Foxhole is easy to get to and pretty inexpensive... just be prepared to wait in line and to empty out your bags or boxes, as they cannot be included in the with the yard waste.  And one more thing, you can't include any stumps, roots, or dirt in with your yard waste... apparently, it screws up the machines that make the compost and mulch. 

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