Tuesday, March 6, 2018


As you may know, I proudly serve on the Board of LASS (Lancaster Animal Shelter Supporters), and today I'd like to take this opportunity to give LASS a plug.   

LASS' mission is to provide volunteer support and funding for stray and unwanted dogs and cats received by the grossly underfunded and understaffed Lancaster County Animal Shelter.  

LASS was recently invited to attend an event to view the airing of a special episode of CBS TV's Lucky Dog, sponsored by Nutramax Laboratories, at the Springs House in Lancaster. The event was attended by Nutramax company executives, local officials, and two animal-rescue groups (LASS and the Lancaster SPCA), who received generous donations.

In this episonde, a rescued poodle-terrier puppy was trained by show host, Brandon McMillan, and given to a Nutramax employee who has been battling cancer.    

Please visit the LASS website to read a complete article about the event.

On May 12th, LASS will be holding its 3rd annual Luncheon & Fashion Show Fundraiser at The Ivy Place in Lancaster.  Last year's event raised $13,000 for the shelter.  Tickets to the luncheon fundraiser, which will include a silent auction, raffle prizes, and local vendors, are $40.  If interested, please contact me

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